Almost There

The following is the semi-final draft of my website home page and sub page.

Home Page


Sub Page



One thought on “Almost There

  1. Hi Lauren,

    I love the image of the cat staring at me with its big googly eyes, and the call to action right below. It looks like it’s begging me to donate! Since you have the Follow Us section in your content, I’m wondering if you don’t need the social media links on top anymore. Also, the Felicity Charity Fund box looks a bit like a click-bait advertisement since it doesn’t match the theme of your site. And since you already have a donate button, I’m wondering if that doesn’t belong on your home page perhaps. I really like your placement of the email signup, I think it’s very intuitive. For your mission statement, I think it would be nice to see that near the top before I get to the call to action. Maybe instead of having the search bar and social media, you could place your mission statement there? Overall, the grid organization of your home page content is very nice. The colors are also very clear in hierarchy of where to click!

    For your subpage, the first thing I notice is that the “breadcrumbs” Home > Ways to Help > Adopt is very small, and thats naturally the first thing I look for to know where I am. Also, if you were to make “Home” and “Ways to Help” gray and make “Adopt” black, it provides a clear idea of where you are currently. Also, since you have a great grid layout for the three pictures, I wish the Meet Your Match was bigger and aligned with the picture on the bottom and on the right. And to match with your theme of orange being the clickable item, maybe you could switch your colors in the Meet Your Match so that the buttons are orange and the text is black/gray.

    Overall, I like how easy it is to navigate your site with the colors, and I like the grid layout of your content on both pages. Keep up the good work!



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