Poster Content

The following is the content for my latest type specimen poster project.

Name of the typeface:

Name of the typeface designer:

Year it was designed:


Brief history of the typeface:

“Claude Garamond cut types for the Parisian scholar-printer Robert Estienne in the early 1500s, basing his romans on the types cut by Francesco Griffo for Venetian printer Aldus Manutius in 1495. Garamond refined his romans in later versions, adding his own concepts as he developed his skills as a punchcutter. After his death in 1561, the Garamond punches made their way to the printing office of Christoph Plantin in Antwerp. Other Garamond punches went to the Frankfurt foundry of Egenolff-Berner, who issued a specimen in 1592. In 1621, the French printer Jean Jannon issued a specimen of typefaces that had some characteristics similar to the Garamond designs. Jannon’s types disappeared from use for about 200 years, but were re-discovered in the French national printing office in 1825, when they were wrongly attributed to Claude Garamond. In the early 1900s, Jannon’s types were used to print a history of printing in France, which brought new attention to French typography and the “Garamond” types. This sparked the beginning of modern revivals; some based on the mistaken model from Jannon’s types, and others on the original Garamond types.”

– derived from

Full character set for the typeface:

Quote/Tagline relevant to typeface:

“Garamond is considered to be among the most legible and readable serif typefaces for use in print applications. It has also been noted to be one of the most eco-friendly major fonts when it comes to ink usage.”


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