Typeface Tracing


Above is the product of the typeface tracing exercise that we completed in class on Monday. The three typefaces that were provided to trace, starting from the top, were Didot, Helvetica, and Futura. Through this tracing exercise, we were exposed to the diversity of fonts; diversity in kerning, ascenders, counter forms, terminals, and other elements of letterforms.

While I traced these specific typographies, I definitely picked up on the power that minute differences can have on the appearance of a letterform. For example, the differences in the counter forms of different letters stood out to me. These differences typically relied upon the bowl of the letterforms.

This exercise definitely helped me distinguish Serif fonts (Didot) from Sans Serif fonts (Helvetica & Futura). I think it’s interesting to think of specific instances where Serif fonts (for printed works) are deemed more appropriate to use than Sans Serif fonts (for online works) and vice versa. I find it fascinating that different typefaces have the potential to elicit different reactions and that slight differences in letterform appearance can have drastically different effects on the audience.


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